the highway to swell motel is a family run hostel at baleal beach in peniche for surfers. things are simple here, like life should be in general.
our rooms are tiny but sweet. we refused to spend loads of money on expensive „vintage shabby chic“ furniture – we repair old stuff and build new beds, chairs, tables and shelves out of driftwood and things we find.
the bedclothes are from the 60s and have strange patterns, cups, plates, forks and knifes do not fit together. our pool is for skateboarding, not swimming and the only one in baleal. we don’t need a „lounge“ or chilling area – our guests hang in the garden between our flowers and fruits. this is how we like it. and we feel happy if you like it too.

„this is not a surfcamp. we kind of built this place for ourselves. we have to like it because we live here, every day. it is our home that we share. „